Copy Forex Trader – FAQ


Here are the questions we get the most. If you don’t see what’s on your mind, kindly contact us here.

General Questions

Do I need a VPS for the trade copier?

You should, and we strongly suggest getting a VPS.
Why? A VPS protects you from internet outages and computer failures. Also, running the Forex trade copier on a VPS guarantees a copy process without delay.

We are happy to provide you with a huge discount on a real FOREX VPS (click). You pay $0.1 for the first month of your subscription and you continue after that with $10 per month.

Please use the coupon code TradeCopierVPS

Follow the video tutorial (click) on how to setup the VPS.

What is the minimum deposit?

If you select the three months paid subscription of the trade copier, then the deposit is up to you.

If you choose the free membership of the trade copier, you need to sign-up with our partner brokers and deposit a minimum of $1k or €1K or £1K. That means of can copy our Forex trades for a lifetime free of charge.

What is the copied lot size?

There is no fixed lot size.

Most trades will have an individual lot size that depends on many factors. Some are spread, currency or volume.

We never overleverage accounts. Our money management will be copied 1:1 into your account. Lot sizes are adjusted according to your available balance.

As you can see in our verified trading history, we take money management seriously. 


Does trades have a SL and TP?

Every single trade has an SL and TP, of course.

Stopps are not passive. Our SL is active and moves with the trade. For example, once a trade reaches 10-15pips profit, the SL will move automatically into breakeven to secure the position.

Also, we use active trailing per pip for each SL to protect gains by enabling a trade to remain open and continue to profit as long as the price moves in our favor. 

If I sign-up with your partner broker, what account type do I choose?

Our partner brokers:

LQDFX Account Type

  • Gold account
  • Leverage at least 1:100 or higher

IC Markets Account Type

  • Standard account
  • Leverage at least 1:100 or higher

Vantage Account Type

  • Standard STP
  • Leverage at least 1:100 or higher
How can I use my already existing broker account with your service?

If you have an exsisting account with our partner brokers and you want to take advantage of the FREE Forex trade copier, kindly associate your account with our affiliate ID. 

For Vantage:
Please ask the support to put your VantageFX account under the introducing broker referral ID 72860.

For IC Markets:
Please ask the support to put your IC Markets account under the introducing broker referral ID 34737.

Please ask the support to put your LQDFX account under the introducing broker referral ID MGU5BP.

How many accounts can I add to the Forex trade copier?

If you trade with our partner brokers and your accounts are associated with our referral ID’s, you can add unlimited trading accounts.

If you have subscribed to the three months subscription, you can add one account per subscription.

What is the monthly profit using the trade copier?

The monthly return is 6-10% from your account balance.

Setup and Installation Forex Trade Copier

What are the best settings for the trade copier to maximize the profit safely?

Here you are. Please use those settings to get the most out of the trade copier.

forex trade copier dennis buchholz

How to install the Forex trade receiver tool?

Installation of the trade receiver tool takes just a few minutes.
Please follow the video below:

If you want us to install and setup everything, kindly contact us here.