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Happy clients, happy us. We are confident that we provide an excellent Forex trading service and are contented for the public to read genuine feedback from our own satisfied customers. Here is a selection.

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Great Trade Copier from Dennis and it’s really REAL

Since everyone is saying how great Dennis is with his trades I would like to write a different kind of review to help and clarify some difficulties that a newbie to forex would face when trying to sign up for this Trade copier Service from Dennis.

First of all, please allow me to tell you how I got in touch with the trade copy service. 

I remember that I know about this service already back in 2019 through my wife. She was always looking for opportunities to increase our wealth and she found the Agimat FX trading system from Dennis later she found out that there is a trade copy service. 

At that time we were thinking exactly like many others, could this be a SCAM. However, at that time when there was still a telegram channel, Dennis was always telling us “free money why not?” (this is what I remember, please excuse me if I am wrong). So we thought about what could go wrong if we try it out. We open the forex account ourselves and under our own maintenance, the copy services are free of charge. Therefore we could not really find a possibility how this could be a SCAM, the only thing you could say is you have to install software and it could be a virus or if you do not know Dennis you might be scared that you are copying from a bad trader, however, this is proven on the website that it is not the case. 

At that time we randomly opened a Forex account and tried to set it up. We were following step by step according to the guide that Dennis provided to us after signing up. However, we were facing a lot of difficulties because we were new to FOREX and therefore didn’t really understand what all the terms meant. After a lot of hassle, we were finished with setting up our own computer. However, after having my computer with the trade copy on for half a day we didn’t see anything happening. So we turned off the computer before going to bed and tried on another day. It was again the same as before and nothing happened so we started to doubt whether this was really working since the most important thing is, we didn’t really know whether we have set it up correctly and what to expect to see if it is. In the end, we tried a few times and we gave up.

In 2021 we started again to see whether using FOREX could deliver us any profit and we learned that something called EA is a bot that can help you do the trades and if you are lucky you can get some profit out of it. We tried several ones and it was not as good as the people were saying it was about their EA and we lost quite some portion of our money. Later we found that Agimat has an EA as well so we were back and saw the free trade copy service again from Dennis. However this time it is different since while trying out the EAs we learned quite a lot about FOREX and what VPS is etc. 

So we tried to set up the trade copy service again at the beginning of 2022 and did everything according to what was stated on the website. We opened an account via the website and bought the VPS service via the website and started to set it up. With the new pdf guide from Dennis, we finished the setup pretty quick and we saw the green light of the trade copier so this time we are sure that the setup was done properly. Since we were using the VPS service we didn’t need to keep our computer on and to be able to see whether anything was happening we installed the MT4/5 app on our phones. We checked every day on whether something is happening and we were SUPER EXCITED that the trade copy was working and saw some closed trades in the history. 

We were following the trades ever since. You will find that a lot of times the trades were just a quick scalp and the trades were closed before you knew that trade was opened. The other times the trades were swing trades and it took some time before the trade got closed. 

If you are following the trades you might get a little nervous when you are seeing that your open trade is losing a lot of money, but please have faith in Dennis and you will see that the losing trade will turn the table around after some time.

Our account balance has been INCREASING ever since!!

The FX Blue data shown on the website is real and that is also the trades that we have copied from.

Therefore, I would recommend everyone who is interested in learning more about FOREX and everyone who want to get some passive income.

We would like to express our gratitude to Dennis for this great Forex Trade Copier Service.